An animal probably caused a short circuit on the overhead line of a train line near Frankfurt, forcing the evacuation of around 150 ICE passengers. As a railway spokeswoman announced, an ICE train from Stuttgart to Hamburg came to a standstill at Frankfurt Airport on Sunday.

The passengers changed via emergency bridges to another ICE that was on the way from Cologne to Munich. No injuries were initially known, the spokeswoman said.

However, the railway spokeswoman added: “There may be major delays.” More ICEs would be rerouted. The damage to the overhead line should be repaired by Monday night. “We are working hard on this.”

It is currently unclear which animal caused the short circuit. Every ICE train has emergency walkways on board to bridge height differences between two trains. Numerous emergency services helped evacuate the stranded train. “An emergency manager previously grounded the overhead line,” explained the spokeswoman. This means there was no danger of electric shocks.