In politics, six months is an eternity!

With the pandemic, we thought that the next provincial election campaign was going to be about health. All the political parties are preparing to talk to us about this issue during the campaign. The CAQ government has even already presented its game plan to improve the health network.

However, the more the price of a liter of gasoline increases at the pump, the more we are moving towards a campaign that will focus on the purchasing power of Quebecers. Everyone now feels that the money in their wallet is not worth much.


All governments across the country are looking for a way to lower inflation.

However, there is no magic wand. When a government sends checks to the population, it does not help the situation. It’s even worse. People are consuming more, which is driving up prices on the shelves.

One of the only areas where governments can have an impact in curbing inflation is in the labor force. One of the fastest ways to alleviate the shortage is to encourage retirees to return to the labor market.

But to get there, it takes tax exemptions. Currently, a retiree who returns to work is literally “eaten” by taxes. It seems to me that it is an easy and effective way, but it seems too simple for our elected officials.

An opportunity

For opposition parties in Quebec, the issue of purchasing power is a better playground than the pandemic or health.

Because Quebecers have forgiven the CAQ for everything, even mismanagement in CHSLDs. For a majority of voters, no one could have done better than François Legault in the face of the pandemic.

Now that the electoral rink is changing, will the opposition finally be able to score goals?