With the high inflation affecting food products, large retailers are competing in imagination to continue to attract consumers, and, according to the official discourse, “support the purchasing power” of the French. There is the anti-inflation shield from Leclerc, the 5% reduction coupon, to be used once a month, from Lidl… of our customers,” says Cédric Osternaud, Marketing and Innovation Director of Casino Brands.

The CasinoMax subscription, which allows all customers for 10 euros per month to benefit from 10% on the entire store, including on promotional products, at each checkout, is thus offered to them at the price of 3 euros (or 30 euros per year). “We can clearly see that the elderly are particularly affected by the phenomenon of inflation, the amount of pensions not increasing very quickly, he continues. We therefore thought about how to support them and restore their purchasing power. “Launched since May 3, this offer “is already meeting with great success with our customers with several thousand subscriptions taken out”, he assures, recalling that the subscription is thus profitable from 30 euros of races.

A more global system for seniors

This preferential rate follows the one reserved for students since October and which allows them to subscribe to the CasinoMax subscription for 2 euros per month. “It’s a little cheaper for them because, despite everything, there is a difference in income for students who receive almost nothing and those over 65,” explains Cédric Osternaud.

This offer is part of a more global system put in place by the Casino brands for seniors. Among the actions, we can mention in particular “free home delivery for people over 65, from a minimum order amount of 60 euros. For other customers, the free threshold is 150 euros”, he says, also pointing to the priority passage at the checkout or the concierge service offered with Dealt which allows you to benefit from services (ironing, DIY, etc.). “Half of the clients who use it are over 65,” he points out.