Despite the approval of cannabis, smoking weed will continue to be prohibited at train stations and on platforms in Germany. Deutsche Bahn will change its house rules accordingly and put up ban posters starting next week, reported the “Bild am Sonntag” (“BamS”) with reference to a Bahn spokeswoman. Tobacco can still be smoked in designated areas at train stations.

“Derived from the legal ban on cannabis consumption during the day in pedestrian zones or around schools and playgrounds, we want to protect our travelers, especially children and young people, at our train stations,” said the “BamS” spokeswoman. “That’s why we will generally prohibit the consumption of cannabis in our train stations.”

The ban does not affect the consumption of cannabis for medical reasons, which was permitted even before its release. The adjustment of the house rules should be completed in four weeks. From June 1st, the DB wants to pursue violations.

The law on the partial legalization of cannabis has been in effect since April 1st. Possession and controlled cultivation for private use are permitted, but with numerous restrictions. Consumption in public spaces is permitted to a limited extent – in the immediate presence of minors and near schools, daycare centers and sports facilities, for example, it is prohibited.