The storm “Ulf” will ensure changeable, often cloudy and rainy weather in Germany in the coming days. “The rain and wind will continue for the next few days,” said meteorologist Felix Dietzsch from the German Weather Service (DWD) on Saturday in Offenbach.

The low will therefore bring cool air to the middle of the country on Sunday. “Along this air mass limit, it continues to rain, sometimes heavily and for longer,” said Dietzsch. South of it it will remain very windy with mild air. Maximum temperatures of 4 to 8 degrees are expected in the north-east half, 9 to 16 degrees are possible in the south-east. In the north and north-east, the meteorologists expect dry conditions, sometimes even some sun. In the night to Monday it cools down to 6 to 0 degrees, light frost is possible in the mountains.

“At the start of the week with Shrove Monday, there is a risk of new adversity,” said DWD meteorologist Dietzsch. Another low then causes rain and storms, especially in the northeastern half. Heavy gusts of wind can sometimes build up on the coasts. Meanwhile, the carnival regions are largely spared. In the Rhineland, however, there could also be stronger gusts of wind. While many clouds and some rain are to be expected in northern and central Germany, sun and clouds are expected to alternate south of the Main with mostly dry conditions. Temperatures peak between 8 and 13 degrees, with spring-like 16 degrees possible on the Upper Rhine.

On Tuesday, the DWD expects changing clouds in the south and south-west and longer periods of clearing in some areas, otherwise it will be mostly cloudy or heavily overcast. In the north it rains sporadically. The maximum temperatures are between 9 and 14 degrees. “It wasn’t until the middle of the week that the weather calmed down a bit,” said Dietzsch. “The temperatures will remain fairly mild even then.” According to the meteorologist, there will be no trace of winter in the foreseeable future.