In the trial for the theft of jewels from Dresden’s historic Green Vault, the public prosecutor’s office applied for five prison sentences or imprisonment for particularly serious arson and bodily harm in two cases and theft with weapons. For a 25-year-old, she applied for an acquittal “in dubio pro reo”, as prosecutor Christian Weber explained on Friday at the Dresden district court.

He pleaded for six years and eight months for two of the accused, and five years and ten months for another accused. He considers four and a half years of youth imprisonment to be appropriate for one of the two adolescents at the time of the crime, and six years for his twin brother, including the inclusion of an existing youth imprisonment. After taking the evidence, the prosecution is convinced that five of the accused are the perpetrators and that there is only one previously unknown person who entered the museum.

The art theft from Saxony’s Treasury Museum on November 25, 2019 is considered one of the most spectacular in Germany. The perpetrators stole 21 pieces of jewelry made of diamonds and brilliants with a total value of over 113 million euros and also caused more than one million euros in damage. For a good year now, six young men between the ages of 24 and 29 have had to answer for this. The Germans from a well-known Arab family in Berlin have been charged with aggravated gang theft, arson and particularly serious arson.

Five of them had admitted in court to having been involved in the coup or the preparation and had shown remorse. The willingness to do so results from an agreement concluded between the defence, the public prosecutor’s office and the court. Previously, most of the loot had been returned just before Christmas 2022. Another accused denies being a perpetrator with reference to an alibi.