In the trial of a murder in Wegeleben eleven years ago, the pleadings were held at the Magdeburg District Court on Tuesday morning. The public prosecutor’s office does indeed see a murder and the accused as the perpetrator. He is said to have broken into the house of the 77-year-old pensioner in Wegeleben (Harz district) in 2012 in order to steal from her. When he was confronted by the resident, he is said to have pushed her to the ground and strangled her. He wanted to cover up the burglary.

The defense attorney for the 35-year-old German, on the other hand, does not see his client’s guilt as proven. Although DNA traces were found on the victim, they did not prove guilt. According to an admission by the defendant, the defendant’s brother, who has since died, killed the woman. The defendant then wanted to help him hide the dead woman. The defense pleaded not guilty.

The 77-year-old was found dead on the couch in her living room in 2012. Investigators groped in the dark for a long time. The case was only reopened last year. Because it was obvious that the perpetrator was to be found in the woman’s environment, the State Criminal Police Office requested a mass DNA test. The verdict is expected on April 27th.