Nothing works anymore: Deutsche Bahn’s DB Navigator app collapsed on Wednesday evening. “Unfortunately, DB Navigator is currently down. Work is already underway on it,” the company said on social networks after numerous complaints from users.

Anyone who wants to use the app’s functions, for example looking for a connection or buying a ticket, will encounter an error message. Logging in is also sometimes not possible. The portal “” recorded a large number of reported problems with the app.

As an alternative, Deutsche Bahn’s customers can use the company’s website, which can also be accessed via mobile devices.

The railway did not give a reason for the technical problems. “The duration of the remediation is currently unknown,” the company wrote.

November 1st is a public holiday (All Saints’ Day) in five federal states, and the number of travelers is correspondingly high.

The DB Navigator app, in which digital tickets are stored, for example, was recently overhauled. Many users criticized the loss of some functions of the old version. According to the group, 90 million tickets were booked via DB Navigator in 2022.

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