Smartphones can be superficially sorted into the following categories and price points to give buyers a rough idea of ​​what to expect in terms of price:

Incidentally, there are still devices within the upper class whose prices are over 2,000 euros. But this is a special class: smartphones with foldable displays.

“Expensive” usually means that more features and functions are also included. Almost any smartphone is suitable for the basics, i.e. messages, telephone calls, a bit of surfing and social media, regardless of whether it is cheap or premium. However, if you want a little more of everything and the whole thing a little better, you also pay more.

In comparison, high-end devices, also known as premium smartphones, offer the maximum that is technically possible. There are mainly differences in the camera. Modern smartphones are getting better and better in poorer light conditions and thanks to AI software.

More expensive is generally better equipped. Some premium smartphones offer exclusive features and gimmicks not found on the competition. This can be an integrated pen for operation or a foldable display.

As with the purchase price, opinions differ widely on this question. Some swear by the purchase without a contract, others enjoy the flexibility that a contract has to offer. We put the whole thing in relation to the price and calculate based on current offers:

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra – with contract

Click here for the offer at o2

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra – One-time payment, no contract (plus Watch 5 LTE)

Click here for the offer on eBay

Conclusion for comparison: For the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, a contract with the addition of a smartwatch and no device price is clearly the better offer. Because: The costs for a separate contract are otherwise added to the purchase price – and they vary greatly depending on the mobile phone provider. This option only makes sense if you already have an existing, cheap contract and you really only need a new smartphone.

But not every contract comes with extras. The Apple iPhone 14 Plus comes on its own, but is equipped with a Free Unlimited Max contract with o2, which already costs as much as the offer with the device. If you don’t strike here, you’re literally making a mess.

By the way: If you prefer to use a budget model or a mid-range smartphone, you can also save with a contract. Here, too, there are good data tariffs plus device, which usually do better than the one-off price with another contract for the same service.

When buying a smartphone, two things come together: on the one hand your own wallet and on the other hand the expectations that customers have of a new smartphone. If you want it to be particularly cheap, get a budget smartphone and enjoy the basic features. If you place more value on photos and want to get more functions, you can go for the middle class or the upper middle class. Everyone else for whom the price is irrelevant or for whom the smartphone is simply worth the money can look forward to the latest technology and top photos and video recordings with the high-end premium smartphones.

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