Severe Weather Alert: Stormy Friday Forecast

Today in Cheyenne, Wyoming, the weather has been warm but not as hot as yesterday. There is a possibility of a few stray showers in the area, and temperatures will cool off in the evening to mild conditions with temperatures in the 50s and 60s throughout the state. Tomorrow, temperatures are expected to rise again into the mid to upper 80s, with some areas in central Wyoming reaching the 90s. The summer heat seems to be lingering in the state, with temperatures expected to cool off slightly next week but quickly returning to the 90s.

In addition to the heat, tomorrow also brings a chance of storms. Eastern and northern Wyoming have the highest likelihood of experiencing storms, while southeastern Wyoming and the Nebraska panhandle may see stronger and more widespread storm activity. These storms are expected to develop in the afternoon and evening, bringing heavy rain, gusty winds, and the potential for hail. There is a marginal to slight risk of severe weather tomorrow.

For those in Cheyenne, tomorrow presents the best opportunity for storms, as the weekend and the week ahead may only see isolated showers. The showers that do occur are likely to be scattered and not too intense. After a warm weekend, the upcoming week will bring cooler temperatures with some days reaching the 70s before the return of summer heat. In Casper, temperatures will remain close to the 90s until Saturday, when they are expected to reach 91 degrees before cooling off next week. There is a chance of showers in the area, but most days are expected to remain dry with any showers passing quickly without causing severe weather.

Overall, there is a possibility of storms this evening and tomorrow, with isolated showers possible throughout the upcoming week. Casper may see temperatures in the 90s on Saturday with a few chances of showers, but the weather is expected to remain mostly dry.

Stay tuned for further updates on the weather forecast and stay safe during any potential storms.