After the arrest of a 31-year-old who is said to have killed two senior citizens in Schwäbisch Hall and the surrounding area, the investigation continues. “Many questions are still open,” said a spokesman for the Aalen police. Traces and clues still have to be checked and findings compared. The Serbs are accused of murder and manslaughter. He is also said to have tried to rob a senior. The accused was arrested by special forces on Tuesday. He is in custody.

The two elderly women were killed within a few weeks. An 89-year-old died last week in Michelbach an der Bilz, a 77-year-old shortly before Christmas in Schwäbisch Hall, just a few kilometers away. In mid-January, the man is said to have attacked an 83-year-old man at his apartment in nearby Ilshofen, threatened him with a gun and demanded money.

The bodies of the two women were discovered in their homes. At a press conference on Wednesday, the police and prosecutors said they had secured a possible murder weapon in the extensive vicinity of the Michelbach crime scene. DNA traces and a phantom image that was created after the attack also led to the alleged perpetrator.

Relationship to other deaths unclear

Investigators did not release any further information about the murder weapon. It is still unclear how exactly the women died. The suspect remained silent on the allegations. According to his own words, he traveled to Germany with his wife and two children at the beginning of December 2022, the police said. He does not have a registration address in Germany.

It is also unclear whether the Serb is responsible for further acts. The death of a 94-year-old senior whose body was found in October 2020 in Schwäbisch Hall and very close to the dead 77-year-old’s apartment has not yet been clarified. The police are still investigating a connection, but have not yet found any concrete evidence of this.

The public prosecutor assumes that the 77-year-old died out of greed because the suspect is said to have stolen a low to mid-three-digit amount of money. In the case of those killed in Michelbach, the investigators initially spoke of manslaughter.