The woman who was doused with petrol by a man at a gas station in Hamburg-Langenhorn on Thursday is doing well. The 35-year-old is doing well, she was found safe in Langenhorn on Thursday, the police said on Friday. She is therefore the life partner of the alleged perpetrator. Her life partner was initially not available. The 31-year-old who lives in Kiel presented himself to the police in the evening. He remained at large due to lack of grounds for detention. The incident led to a major police operation.

It was still unclear on Friday why the man poured petrol over his partner at the gas station and then drove away with his victim. There is still no reliable information on this. The LKA responsible for relationship violence in the North region is now investigating on suspicion of threats and coercion.

The gas station incident happened Thursday morning on a main access road in the Langenhorn district in northern Hamburg. According to the police, after the car with the two had driven onto the gas station site, the man had filled a canister with fuel, went back to the vehicle and poured the contents on the woman who had now got out.

The perpetrator is said to have then watered a gas station employee who wanted to intervene. It was unclear how much petrol the woman and the employee got.

The 31-year-old paid and then drove away from the gas station with the woman in the car.