State security is investigating the damage to several windows at the Rammstein GbR headquarters in Berlin-Pankow. A spokesman for the Berlin police said there was a corresponding operation on Monday night. “Several slices appear to have been smashed.” There was no evidence of the perpetrators on site. However, state security took over the investigation because a political background could not be ruled out.

According to the Rammstein GbR, it consists of the six band members. The police spokesman did not give details of the crime, but referred to corresponding publications on social media. The “Bild” newspaper had previously reported on the incident.

Among other things, a group called “North East Antifa Berlin” had pointed out the incident on Twitter with reference to the “Kontrapolis” page, which billed itself as an “open news and debate platform” and “part of the emancipatory, anti-authoritarian and revolutionary fighting in this city”. There it says: “The windscreens were smashed and under the ugly Rammstein logo it now says ‘No stage for perpetrators’.” The police spokesman said: “Of course we have to investigate that. In this respect, the state security has taken over the investigation.”

Allegations against singer Till Lindemann

In the past few weeks, several women – some anonymously – have made allegations against Rammstein singer Till Lindemann. They described situations that they sometimes found frightening. Young women were selected during concerts and asked if they wanted to come to the after show party. According to descriptions by some women, there were also sexual acts. Lindemann had rejected allegations against him.

Some of the allegations related to a Rammstein concert in Vilnius. The police in Lithuania decided not to investigate the band or anyone else; the public prosecutor’s office there confirmed the decision last Friday. The test found “no objective factual evidence” that would prove that the woman was subjected to physical or psychological coercion or other acts of violence of a sexual nature or that she was forced to use narcotics or was robbed, it said.

According to reports, the public prosecutor’s office in Berlin had initiated preliminary proceedings against the Rammstein frontman. If the public prosecutor’s office becomes aware of a suspicion of a crime, they must investigate. Media reports can be the trigger for this. The presumption of innocence applies until the investigation is completed.