The evidence has recently increased, now it seems clear: According to the police, a body found on Thursday is probably the missing 16-year-old student from Remshalden (Rems-Murr district).

“We assume that it is the missing person,” said a police spokesman on Friday morning when asked. It is still unclear how the girl died. An autopsy is expected later today to determine the cause of death. The body had been discovered the day before in Lenningen (Esslingen district), around 50 kilometers from Remshalden. The teenager disappeared a week and a half ago.

She had left her parents’ house on January 24, but instead of going to her school, she took the train to Kirchheim unter Teck. From there she took the Teckbahn towards Lenningen. After that, their trail was lost. “According to our information, the missing person deliberately did not go to school on Tuesday – she probably told schoolmates that,” said a police spokesman.

The young person had no utensils for daily needs with her and probably did not plan to be away from home for a long time. It is therefore also possible that the girl wanted to return from Lenningen on the same day.

Body found after extensive search operation

The body was found on Thursday on a steep and difficult-to-access slope. It is unclear, among other things, how long the body has already been outdoors.

The discovery was preceded by an extensive search operation. Among other things, numerous police officers, including hundreds of riot police, had searched for the young person in the area around the student’s place of residence and in the region between Lenningen and Kirchheim unter Teck with sniffer dogs and helicopters in the past few days. The parents also made a desperate call to the public on television. The police had published mugshots showing the girl and her backpack, and wanted posters were also posted.

Most recently, the investigators had set up a so-called anonymous tip system, with the help of which witnesses can easily report via the Internet. In particular, they are looking for people who rode the Teckbahn on the morning of January 24th, just like the missing person.