The autopsy revealed smoke inhalation as the cause of death for the three dead. So far there is no indication of another cause of death. Although the clear identification of the dead based on DNA tests is still ongoing, it can be assumed that these are the three missing children aged four, eight and 14 years.

As the police further announced, the investigations at the fire site to determine the cause of the fire were still ongoing. Due to the acute danger of collapse, the building – a former hotel – cannot be fully entered. A conclusive statement on the cause of the fire is therefore not yet possible. For reasons of security, a timely demolition of the building will be examined. The fire experts would be called in for this.

Before the fire broke out last Thursday night, there had been a dispute between two families living in the house at a celebration. The argument between a man and two women later shifted to the street, which is why a local resident called the police. When officers arrived, the house was already on fire.