An unusual guest arrived at the entrance before the baseball game between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Pittsburgh Panthers: a man wanted to enter the stadium with his therapy animal. However, it was not a dog, cat or similar pet, but an alligator.

Joie Henney takes his emotional support animal with him everywhere. However, the elderly gentleman from Pennsylvania and his alligator “Wally” did not get to enjoy the baseball game at Citizens Bank Park. Both were denied entry, reports the AP news agency. Numerous other fans noticed the couple at the entrance and posted pictures on social networks.

Henney’s argument that the 5-foot-long alligator helped him cope with his depression obviously didn’t sit well with the stewards. The stadium’s rules state that guide dogs and similar service animals, as well as service animals in training, are permitted at the events. Other animals would have to stay outside.

There are also quite unusual animal emotional supports. In addition to furry species such as rabbits or guinea pigs, these can also be peacocks or monkeys. But not everyone is recognized everywhere.

Joie Henney and Wally have been going through life together since 2015. Henney adopted the alligator when the reptile was a year old. His doctor supported him in bringing in Wally as an emotional support animal after he refused to take medication for his ongoing depression, Henney told the regional portal

The alligator even has his own TikTok appearance with more than 100,000 followers. There you can see in many videos how he hugs different people – his specialty, according to owner Henney: “When I feel lonely, he comes to me and gives me a hug. He makes me feel loved.”

Sources:  AP / / CBS / TikTok

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