4,453 Harry Potter fans gathered on Hamburg’s Rathausmarkt in the afternoon – and 1,758 of them broke the existing world record in the “world record zone”. This was announced by Carlsen Verlag, one of the organizers of the event, in the evening. More than 997 people dressed up as Harry Potter’s apprentice had to come together to set the record.

The fans should wear a black cape, the typical round glasses and the distinctive scar on the forehead. In the best weather, not only children and young people followed the call, but also many older people dressed up in downtown Hamburg.

The campaign celebrated the 25th anniversary of the first Harry Potter volume in Germany. Joanne K. Rowling’s book had already been published in English in the summer of 1997. In the end, seven volumes were published, each describing the adventures of a school year of Harry Potter and his friends. The books have been read millions of times worldwide. Finally, the eighth volume revolves around adult Harry Potter and his son and is written as a play. The play “Harry Potter and the Enchanted Child” is performed worldwide – also in Hamburg.