After the escape of a suspect from the Coburg district court, the police are still looking for the man at full speed. The investigators also followed several witnesses, said a police spokesman on Tuesday. However, these would not have resulted in any trace of the 47-year-old. A large contingent is still in action, and a police helicopter was also on the move during the night. So far, there is no evidence that the man planned the escape or had any help, the spokesman said.

The defendant was on trial on suspicion of sexual abuse of his two daughters. He was therefore also in custody. The court had ordered his ankle cuffs to be removed for the duration of the hearing. During a break in the hearing on Monday, according to the police, he ran downstairs, broke a window in a lounge for witnesses and escaped.

This is the second case in a few weeks in which a defendant escaped from a court in Bavaria. A convicted murderer also fled in Regensburg in January through an insufficiently secured window on the ground floor of the building. French police forces were only able to apprehend him near Strasbourg after weeks.