Patrick Emmanuel Abellard will resume his solo which seduced critics and fans last year by going back on stage at Duceppe with the piece “King Dave”.

The new performances will be offered from June 16 to 19, staged by Christian Fortin.

In the play by Alexandre Goyette – who reworked it entirely with actor Anglesh Major – it is about the dark streets and poorer neighborhoods of Montreal, as well as delinquency. The redesign also added issues related to identity, belonging and systemic racism.

The music is the work of singer-songwriter Jenny Salgado.

Last year’s tour had pranced through the Belle Province. In “Le Journal”, our colleague Yves Leclerc said that “Patrick Emmanuel Abellard delivers, with great accuracy, a panoply of emotions”. He also spoke of “an imposing, intense text, sprinkled with humor”.

Here is the synopsis of “King Dave”: an unlikely encounter at a party, a first robbery, an altercation in a bar, a fire in a park. A heartache, a betrayal. In a few days, almost by accident, Dave’s life changes. Overwhelmed by grief, anger and fear, the young man makes bad decisions, gets his arm caught in the spiral of violence and plunges into a rapid descent into hell. Where will his fall end?

More information is available online [] regarding the performances offered at the Théâtre Jean-Duceppe at Place des Arts from June 16 to 19.