According to the Greens, the CDU is overshooting the mark with its recent demands to reduce the number of wolves. On Monday, party leader Christin Furtenbacher accused the Union of competing with the AfD on the wolf issue. The CDU is calling for population regulation that is not legally permissible at all “with a gun in hand” and is overlooking the fact that “the wolf is a species that is strictly protected under European and federal law.” Anyone who really wants to help the animal owners affected by wolf predation must work to ensure adequate support for herd protection and grazing animal husbandry in the future.

According to Furtenbacher, Saxony’s Green Environment Minister Wolfram Günther is also working with other wolf countries to ensure that wolves can be shot down more quickly and legally if there are problems with them. Anyone who has a serious interest in the coexistence of humans and wolves in Saxony should not come up with “Wild West demands” that would neither help the affected grazing livestock owners and farmers nor have any prospect of implementation.

CDU politicians had announced that they wanted to reduce the number of wolves in Saxony by a third every year and thus compensate for the annual growth rate of the pack. The Union would like to include this in a future coalition agreement.

Wolves are a constant topic in Saxon politics, because the Free State is one of the federal states with the highest number of packs. According to statistics, there were recently 38 packs, four pairs and two single animals.