According to the minister’s plans, children should no longer see advertising for unhealthy foods. He therefore proposes a far-reaching ban on junk food advertising aimed at children. The plans had led to severe criticism, especially from the advertising and food industries. They fear an almost complete ban on advertising for the affected products.

Children should be able to grow up healthier, Özdemir said now. This is an important building block in the fight against overweight, obesity and other nutrition-related diseases. “That’s why we want to legally restrict advertising to children for foods with too much fat, sugar or salt.” According to the Green politician, his plans are supported by a “large majority of the population”.

Advertisers can also continue to advertise to children foods that are not too high in sugar, fat or salt, the minister said. “And that’s where the trend should go.” He relies on the willingness of the food industry to improve recipes.