It has been a short time since the first voice to ask the PSOE not to vote so Vox doesn’t form part of the next Regional Executive along with the PP from Castilla y Leon. Oscar Puente, Valladolid’s socialist mayor, has claimed in the “Al Rojo Vivo” program that the PSOE helped Alfonso Fernandez Manueco get a job and prevented the popular ones from needing the support of Abascal.

Puente argues that even if the PP ends up joining Vox, this is not because the PSOE hasn’t offered an alternative. We cannot claim that Vox poses a threat to democracy and coexistence while at the same moment not offering an alternative. We must be distinct from the PP. They should have allowed us to govern two and a half decades ago. We must be the exact opposite of them.”

Some demonstrations the socialist leader took part in personally seem unlikely to be replicated in Ferraz. Although Valladolid’s mayor believes that others in the PSOE will share his views, Adriana Lastra (Deputy Secretary of Socialists), charged yesterday against Alfonso Fernandez Manueco and Pablo Casado for their “resounding failure to bet”.