Oscar De La Hoya seems to be fully committed to the highly anticipated fight between Gervonta and Ryan Garcia, undefeated lightweights. De La Hoya stated that he would make a fair and valuable deal to book a fight between Garcia and Davis.

De La Hoya was a focal point of attention during the unification bout between Devin Haney and George Kambosos. “The Golden Boy,” a tweet by “The Golden Boy”, said that Haney vs. Davis was the “most exciting fight in boxing” despite Garcia’s loud campaign to have it.

“Obviously, Ryan Garcia vs. Tank Davis,” De La Hoya told CBS Sports. Ryan Garcia will be able to fight Tank Davis if he wins July 16 against Javier Fortuna. Tank Davis should be offered a multi-million-dollar fight against Ryan Garcia. This could happen in October or November. Let’s make this fight happen, Tank Davis! This is the most important fight in boxing right now.”

Below is the complete interview with Oscar De La Hoya.

De La Hoya’s stated commitment to booking Davis against Garcia should silence anyone who believes that Golden Boy Promotions is protecting Garcia from hard fights. De La Hoya claims that a fight against Javier Fortuna on July 16 is the key to Davis.

De La Hoya stated, “You’re going get your criticisms, especially from boxing fans because they want the best fights to take place and want them to be seen now.” Ryan Garcia was suffering from mental health issues, so he was absent for a while. Recently, he had surgery on his right arm. He’s been away for quite some time.

“If Ryan Garcia defeats Fortuna at Crypto Arena on July 16th, then we can talk Tank Davis… Let’s split everything down and then the winner will become the best fighter at 135!”

After a 15-month absence, Garcia, 23, returned to boxing in April. After a 15-month layoff, the undefeated boxer took a rest to heal his hand injury and focus on his mental well-being. De La Hoya is proud of Garcia’s vulnerability in a sport that values bravado.

De La Hoya stated, “I’m proud that he can kind of can be an advocate and speak to the whole world about how difficult it can be, but how rewarding it can be getting your life back.” “Ryan Garcia is my favorite fighter, not only because of his ability to fight in the ring but also because he faced a much tougher fight outside. All things happen for a reason. Ryan Garcia managed to take control of his life and his mental health and excelled in his endeavors. There is help. It is very rewarding to encourage a young man such as Ryan Garcia who can be an example to millions.

De La Hoya, UFC president Dana White have had a long-standing rivalry that has been fraught with personal attacks in media. White previously stated he wanted to get into boxing. The UFC boss made a U-turn recently, telling “The Pivot Podcast”, that boxing was “a broken business” and he doesn’t want to pursue it. White’s statements were reacted to by De La Hoya, who made a U-turn and offered an olive branch for his fellow promoter.

“All power to Dana, for trying. De La Hoya stated that the UFC was amazing thanks to Dana and the Fertitta brothers. “Boxing is a fragmented sports. There are many promoters and many fighters that are associated with different promoters. It’s very difficult to consolidate the sport. There is always a way. I’d be happy to lend a hand, or even form a partnership with Dana White of Golden Boy Promotions. Actually, I am trying to extend the olive branch and perhaps even working with you.

Boxing can be difficult but there are ways to do it. It was difficult to start Golden Boy Promotions 21 years ago. There is a way to work with promoters, fighters, and networks. If Dana is still interested, I am more than willing to discuss how we can consolidate or fix the sport once and for all.