“Of course, in a situation, beyond criminal responsibilities, in which I could compromise the credibility of the institution I represent, I would plan it.” It is the response that has finished breaking the bridges between the socialist councilor Gabriela Bravo and her partners in the Government of Compromís.

The head of Justice made this statement on Tuesday in an interview at COPE, asked if the vice president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Mónica Oltra, should resign after a judge has asked to impute her for the management of her ex-husband’s abuses to a minor under guardianship

The reactions from the Valencian coalition did not wait: Oltra stressed that she does not feel “pressured”, while the mayor of Valencia, Joan Ribó, asserted that Bravo is not an example of institutional loyalty and the Compromís co-spokesperson, Àgueda Micó, He alluded to the “electoral tone” of the “unfortunate” words of the socialist.

The president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, tried to calm things down by pointing out that it was a personal opinion and not “a message to anyone”. But Senator Carles Mulet was yet to be added to these assessments, with a tweet, charging against the councilor and insinuating that the prosecutor is in charge of the department for being Puig’s partner.

«Mrs. Bravo, when no one stands by your side in the Ministry, when you attack the pillars of the Botànic as you do with the crusade against the Valencian and when you know that you are only in office for what you are, you are compromising the institution, if he goes home, we will applaud and breathe,” Mulet snapped.

Bravo’s relationship with her colleagues at the Consell had been strained by the language requirement that is being demanded of public workers: the socialist opts for a B2 because it is the level of Valencian with which high school studies are completed, while Compromís defends that a C1 be required of senior officials.

The aforementioned has referred this Thursday to the controversy clarifying that she did not send “any message to a government partner nor did I say at any time that Oltra would have to resign”, while regretting the criticism, “in some aspects unfortunately with very biases chauvinistic”, which he has received.

The clash comes in the midst of a government crisis, a process of renewal of councilors that Puig has been announcing for a week and which has suffered an unexpected setback with the surprise resignation of the Minister of Education, Vicent Marzà.

The reason: to strengthen his party -Més, the former Bloc, within the Compromís coalition- in view of the 2023 regional elections. that the leader -waiting for the TSJ to resolve her judicial future- does not arrive at the elections in the best conditions to repeat as headliner.