Fabrice Gomme is proud. The Peugeot 307 SW was driven by Fabrice Gomme, a native Oisean, fifteen years later. The motorist, standing in front of Compiegne concession for the French manufacturer, said that the car had only 6,000 km on its odometer at the time. Today, the car will cross the symbolic mark of one million km. Six orange numbers are displayed on the dashboard: 999,320 km.

Picard has covered 1 million kilometers with his Peugeot 307. He stops in Reims to promote worker trades https://t.co/r4PljODFRa pic.twitter.com/OZOpjOVySD

Fabrice Gomme says, “The last kilometers we save them for this trip.” Fournival resident left his village on Thursday, May 26, and headed towards Sochaux Montbeliard, Doubs. He is expected to arrive at the Peugeot factory this Friday, May 27, at 3:00 PM. What is the goal? The goal?

Fabrice’s 307: “It’s the original engine. A 1.6 liter HDI. It’s on order of the extraordinary. It must be the one in the entire world,” observes a Peugeot employee.