One in three high-level positions at Consum are held by women, this represents an increase of 14 percentage points since 2009, the year of its I Equality Plan, going from 20% to 34% at the end of 2021, as a result of the Equality Policy of the Cooperative, which is promoting the incorporation of more women to executive and managerial positions. In 2021 alone, 62.5% of promotions were women. This fact also contributes to reducing the salary gap between men and women within the organization, a figure that has been reduced by 24% in these 12 years.

In addition, Consum has tripled the investment in co-responsibility (reconciliation) of work and family life since 2009, from 500 euros per worker to 1,556 euros in 2021.

Currently, 62% of Consum’s 470 own supermarkets are run by women, which represents a growth of 12 percentage points in female internal promotion since 2009. Consum has more than 18,200 workers, of which 73% are women .

The cooperative has launched its IV Equality Plan 2022-2025, with the aim of guaranteeing equal treatment and opportunities in selection processes, training in equal opportunities for all workers, as well as in promotion processes . Said Plan seeks to ensure equal pay, reviewing and analyzing salaries with a gender perspective, favoring measures to reconcile the personal and professional life of the workforce and guaranteeing prevention and action in situations of sexual and gender-based harassment.

With the renewal and update of the Equality Plan, Consum shows its involvement with the effective equality of women and men. In addition, in coherence with its cooperative values ​​to favor conditions of equality and participation of all partners, its criterion is to train 100% of the chain of command to raise awareness of equal opportunities and gender perspective.