A rare albino cougar has been born at a zoo in Nicaragua. The cub was born a month ago and is doing well, Juigalpa Zoo veterinarian Carlos Molina told AFP. The little puma is currently being kept away from visitors for its own protection: “We’re doing everything we can to keep it as healthy as possible,” emphasized Molina.

Cougars’ fur is usually light brown or reddish with black markings at birth. Genetic color anomalies such as albinism are extremely rare. White cougars are hardly documented. His zoo is happy about the little albino, “because you don’t see that often,” said veterinarian Molina.

The unusual boy is currently living in isolation with his spotted siblings and his mother in a “cave” specially set up in the enclosure. So far, the keepers have avoided any contact with him. The zoo hopes that it can then be treated by the veterinarian in the next two months.