Minister Margarita Robles vehemently rejected yesterday that she had considered resigning in the face of the espionage scandal, which has already claimed the head of the director of the CNI, Paz Esteban, until now. Robles warned that in the four years he has been at the helm of the Defense portfolio “the only thing I have done has been to serve my country, to be with the citizens in the most difficult moments, even very painful, and I will continue to do so.” “For me, being here is a gift from life and from the President of the Government,” she stressed. Robles took the opportunity to repeatedly reiterate her pride “as a Spaniard” for the work carried out by the armed forces, intelligence services and all public servants in the face of a succession of crises such as the coronavirus pandemic, the storm Filomena, the eruption of the volcano of La Palma or now the war in Ukraine. And as a sign of her closeness to the citizenry, she exhibited the necklace that she wore and explained that a lady named Petra gave it to her on a recent visit to La Palma, where she congratulated her on her work. “Thank you very much, Petra”, thanked the minister.