NY Couple Makes Unexpected Cash Discovery While Magnet Fishing in Lake

After casting a line into a Queens lake, a New York City couple reeled in an unsuspecting catch – a safe filled with cash. Magnet fishers James Kane and Barbie Agostini discovered stacks of dollar bills worth roughly $100,000 at the bottom of the lake.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the couple stumbled upon magnet fishing while watching YouTube videos. Kane, who had always dreamt of being a treasure hunter, decided to give the technique a try. They invested in strong magnets, enabling them to pull up top prizes like the money-filled safe.

The NYPD allowed the couple to keep the cash, but damage to the bills may affect their payout. The U.S. Treasury Department will examine the dollar bills forensically, and depending on the level of damage, they will receive a check. Each bill must be over 50% intact to be included in the total amount.

Kane and Agostini plan to use the money to purchase a home or new equipment for their future fishing endeavors. They are considering different options, including getting a house of their own or upgrading their equipment for their channel.

This unexpected discovery has opened up new opportunities for the couple, who were initially drawn to magnet fishing by their shared love for treasure hunting. The excitement of uncovering hidden treasures beneath the surface of the water has now turned into a lucrative and rewarding experience for Kane and Agostini.