The computer stays on and two rolls or a soup are served directly at the desk: According to a survey, a tightly scheduled everyday life makes it difficult for many people to eat healthier.

For example, 43 percent cited a lack of time and rest as a reason for not eating healthier, according to a survey commissioned by the Techniker Krankenkasse. A lack of stamina (37 percent) and a difficult balance between a healthy diet and work (27 percent) were also mentioned.

When working from home, people often eat on the side

According to the survey, people eat casually more often when working from home than at work: 45 percent do this in the home office, while 35 percent say they eat while working at work. 49 percent of those surveyed said that they generally don’t eat much at work, referring to the company and 36 percent to the home office. And 33 percent would forget to drink enough at work. 22 percent feel this way at home.

For the survey, the Forsa Institute interviewed a total of 1,704 people aged 18 and over from May 2nd to 26th. 317 people who occasionally work from home and are familiar with both working environments were surveyed about aspects of home office and operations.

Box office manager Jens Baas said: “Healthy food should taste good and be easy to prepare so that it is compatible with people’s everyday lives.” Particular responsibility lies with communal catering in daycare centers, schools and companies. Many would also be reached there who would otherwise not be able to provide sufficiently healthy meals.