Although the New Anti-Capitalist Party, (NPA) did not join New People’s Ecological and Social Unions (Nupes), it will “enter campaign” and support candidacies by the Nupes “in break with liberal politics”. Philippe Poutou, an ex-presidential candidate, announced this on Tuesday 24 May. Philippe Poutou stated that even though we may not agree, we will still fit in this campaign as best we can.

The NPA will only field 12 independent candidates in “winnable constituents” for the party. It was also impossible for its activists to support Nupes candidates where they were “far from being anti-liberal”. For example, this is the case in Lyon’s 4th district. Hubert Julien Laferriere was elected under the En Marche banner five years ago and is now invested by the New Popular Union. It is difficult to imagine campaigning for a liberal candidate, and even more opportunist. This is what Mathilde Millat, NPA candidate in this constituency, explained.

These legislative elections are not being held by Olivier Besancenot nor Philippe Poutou. “Our policy is the support for the Nupes candidates in the majority of constituencies where we are present, which is roughly 70-80 constituencies. Philippe Poutou said that it goes beyond a simple press release calling to vote. It becomes an activist investment in campaign “, like in the 20th District of Paris with the LFI Danielle Simonnet.

La France insoumise approached the NPA to integrate Nupes. However, the NPA refused to sign an agreement “included the Socialist Party”. He was also disappointed at the small number of constituencies that are winnable for him. Philippe Poutu argued that there was no reason to be there with only a logo, posters, and leaflet distributors. However, in Parliament, perhaps, there were zero elected members from the NPA.