At least one person died when a parking garage collapsed in New York. The multi-storey building in Manhattan’s financial district “collapsed to the basement”, said the current head of the New York building administration, Kazimir Vilenchik, on Tuesday at a press conference on site. According to rescue workers, four injured people were hospitalized. Video footage was released online showing collapsed walls and cars stacked on top of each other. Smoke seemed to be rising above the rubble. The outer walls of the parking garage were still standing. However, New York Mayor Eric Adams said there were fears that other parts of the building would collapse.

Because of the danger of collapse, all rescue workers had to leave the parking garage, as fire chief John Esposito said. With a robot and drones, the building will continue to be searched for possible other trapped people. The New York citizens were asked to avoid the area around the accident site. Esposito said at the press conference that according to information from the authorities, six workers were in the parking garage at the time of the accident. “Four of them were taken to the hospital in a stable condition. We have one patient who died.” The sixth person concerned refused medical treatment.