The Regulated Parking Service (SER) is increasingly established in the city of Madrid and is already starting to go outside the borders of the M-30. If in May it already reached areas such as Puerta del Ángel and Los Cármenes, now it will be two neighborhoods of Ciudad Lineal that will premiere the new parking measures this Monday, June 27.

The intention of the Madrid City Council is to mitigate the border effect that seriously affects the neighborhoods of Ventas and Colina, which border the M-30 to the east. In recent years, the residents of these areas have had to deal with the lack of parking on their streets, often occupied by parked visitor vehicles.

But how far do the limits of the new SER zones go in Madrid? How can the SER card be requested for residents of the neighborhoods of Ciudad Lineal? What will be the next expansions of the Regulated Parking Service?

The new neighborhoods affected by the SER zones in Madrid are Ventas and Colina, which will see the new parking measures in some streets implemented as of Monday, June 27. 3,685 new places for the Sales area, while in Colina they will rise to 1,008 places.

In Sales, the SER area will be delimited by Calle Alcalá, Calle Hermanos Gómez, Avenida Marqués de Corbera and Avenida de la Paz. For its part, in Colina it will begin in the streets of Arturo Soria, José Silva, Ramón y Cajal avenue and the M-30.

Parking in these neighborhoods will also have blue spaces (rotation) and green spaces (preferably for residents). In this way, in Sales there will be 237 blue zone places, while in Colina there will be 54 blue zone places.

Here you can consult the detailed plans with the areas in which the green and blue squares will be located in each of the new neighborhoods of the SER zone in Ciudad Lineal:

Citizens of the neighborhood who are registered in the area can request the SER card for residents, which will allow them to park for just 24.60 euros per year. The resident’s authorization enables parking within the neighborhood without a time limit in the green spaces and from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. in the blue spaces.

To request it, it will be necessary to do so by calling 010, on the Madrid City Council website or at any of the Madrid Line citizen service offices.

Among the necessary requirements to request the SER resident card, it will be necessary to be registered at an address in the area; have a vehicle in ownership; obtain the necessary environmental label for parking in the SER zone; not be the holder of a parking space for residents (PAR); and that the vehicle is registered in the Tax on Mechanical Traction Vehicles (IVTM) of the Madrid City Council.

The SER zone is expected to continue with the expansions in the coming months. This is the case of the neighborhoods of Quintana and San Pascual, which have already approved the placement of parking meters on their streets to facilitate parking for residents. The date of establishment is not yet closed.