It’s official. Like his political mentor Nicolas Sarkozy, Gérald Darmanin will begin a second stay at the Ministry of the Interior, under the orders of a new Prime Minister, in this case a Prime Minister. For the Valenciennes by birth, it is a real success, he who left his political family (LR) to join Emmanuel Macron in his first term, in the footsteps of Édouard Philippe.

This extension to Place Beauvau validates its policy of merciless struggle against “separatism”, which has increased since the assassination of Samuel Paty. A card that is both regal and political in nature which he uses regularly, as recently in the controversy over the use of the burkini in the swimming pools of Grenoble, where he asked the prefect of Isère to assert a “deferred secularism” against this measure.

This renewal of confidence on the part of Emmanuel Macron could be criticized by feminist movements. For the latter, Gérald Darmanin should not occupy the post because of the accusations of rape which weigh on the ex-mayor of Tourcoing. But the former city councilor seems calm in this case, the prosecution having requested a dismissal. It is now up to the investigating judge to order a dismissal or to return Gérald Darmanin to justice anyway. The investigating judge had closed the investigation into the rape charges against him on September 9, 2021. Gérald Darmanin had been placed under the status of assisted witness during the judicial investigation.