“A rescue team found the wreckage of the plane, and shared a photograph. Narayan Silwal, a spokesperson for the Nepal Army said that other teams were going to the area to gather more information. Narayan Silwal shared a photo on Twitter showing plane wreckage on a side of a mountain. On what appears to be a piece fender, you can clearly see the registration number 9N–AET.

After being suspended at nightfall on Sunday, search operations resumed Monday morning. There were 19 passengers on board, including four Indians, ten Nepalese and two Germans. Three crew members also joined the search operation. Narayan Silwal stated that the crash site was located in Sanosware, Thasang region.

Crash site: Sanosware, Thasang-2, Mustang pic.twitter.com/OcN93N1Qyb

Dev Raj Subedi was a spokesperson for Pokhara Airport and said that helicopters and ground troops had been focusing their search on the potential site Monday morning. “Search operations have been resumed […] There’s not been any significant improvement in weather conditions. He said that two helicopters had flown over the area, but they were unable to land as yet.

Dev Raj Subedi stated that the search used GPS, satellite and mobile signals to track the location of the crash site. At 9:55 AM, the twin-engine Twin Otter flew from Pokhara (central west Nepal), before losing radio contact. Jomsom, which is 200km west of Kathmandu, is 20 minutes away from Pokhara. It’s the country’s second-largest city.

The difficult-to-access mountainous area in western Nepal was searched by rescuers on Sunday, but they were unsuccessful. Tara Air, a subsidiary to Yeti Airlines that serves remote areas in Nepal, is Tara Air.

In recent years, Nepalese aviation has seen a boom in terms of ferrying tourists, mountaineers, and walkers to remote areas. Insufficient pilot training and maintenance has led to poor aviation safety records in Nepal, a country that is surrounded by the Himalayas.

All Nepalese airlines are prohibited from entering the European Union’s airspace. This is for security reasons. It is also home to some of the most dangerous tracks anywhere in the world, as it is located between snow-capped peaks. 51 people were killed when a plane belonging to Bangladeshi company US-Bangla Airlines crashed in March 2018.

Three people were killed when a plane crashed into two helicopters after it missed takeoff. Lukla airport was the accident site. It is known for being one the most difficult airports to land at and take off from.