The horror king Stephen King is said to have a famous sentence. “I know things under my bed aren’t real,” he reportedly said. “But if I don’t stick my foot out from under the covers, they can’t grab my ankle.” A monster did not grab the ankle of a hotel guest in Nashville. But apparently an employee of the hotel sucked his toe.

The male guest was staying at the Hilton Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee in late March when he woke up suddenly at 5 a.m. He looked down at the bed in amazement – and caught the hotel’s night manager sucking his toes, reports the local broadcaster “WKRN”, citing a police report.

So when he confronted the uninvited visitor, he recognized him. 52-year-old David N. had been in his room the day before to work with a colleague to fix a problem with the television, investigators said. According to current knowledge, he had created a key card for the guest’s room during the night shift. And then step into it while it’s sleeping.

When the officers confronted him with the accusation, N. did not even deny having generated the card and having been in the room. However, he gave a different explanation: he had smelled smoke from the room and wanted to check on the well-being of the guest, the manager claimed. However, the officials could not find a report of possible smoke development, nor had the suspect informed the security personnel about a possible fire.

The disgusting night visit could now have serious consequences for the hotel manager. He was charged Friday with aggravated burglary and assault, with bail set at $27,000. However, the officials could not secure the key card created for his unwanted visit. According to the defendant, he threw them away.

Source: WKRN