The Spanish anthem was heard at the Philippe chatrier, and Rafa Naddal raised his eyes towards the sky of Paris with the Musketeers Cup. This is the title he won for the 14th time in 18 editions. The atmosphere was filled with expectation as to whether the man who has won the most Grand Slam titles in tennis history would leave Paris. However, the afternoon applause brought him back when he opened the door for his return in 2023.

He assured that he didn’t know the future, but he was going to try. This sparked the excitement of a crowd that had given up on the Spanish through their dominance in international sport and exhibitions. It is difficult to express the emotions I feel. It is a great honor to be competitive again. He thanked everyone and said “Thank you,” in French to Roland Garros’s audience. He assured that it was an incredible experience to be here and that the scenery is breathtaking.

“Thank you to all who made this tournament possible. It is the best tournament in the entire world. The director, the French Federation, and all those who work here. He praised him for making him feel at home and praising his contribution to a tournament that cannot be understood without his figure.

After his incredible performance over the clay in Paris, he also offered words of consolation to Casper Ruud and expressed appreciation: “Thank you everyone.” It was a pleasure to play with you. I am happy for your family, and your team. All the best for the future.

Nadal thanked his family and team for their support, which was crucial in securing the 14th victory at Roland Garros. He said, “None would have been possible without you, thank-you very much for everything.”