Rafael Nadal was mixed after reaching the 14th Roland Garros final because Alexander Zvev had to leave due to a severe ankle injury at the gates.

“It’s a dream for me to be in the final. But, I didn’t want it to be that way. Balearic said that he is human and felt sorry for him. These were the most difficult conditions, because of the humidity and the difficulty to make the ball move. Although the first set I won was a miracle, I had been fighting for it all, “said the Spaniard.

He was reminded of his physical condition in Rome, from which he appears to have recovered well: “I have done everything I can to make my chance to be there and to make the Roland Garros final an outstanding success.” It’s a dream come true and it is well worth the sacrifices.

He said that he was not optimistic and that he accepts his current limitations. It’s been three months since I last trained, so it depends on what the circumstances are. Although I tried my best to stay in the match, it was clear that I was in a better place at the end. I felt more energetic than usual for a while, and that was lost.

Which title do you prefer? I prefer to lose the final to have a fresh foot that makes me happier every day. It is nice to win and it fills you with temporary joy. Life goes on, and that is what matters most. I have a lot of life ahead of myself and I want to play amateur sports with my friends, but this is not yet possible.