A few years ago, I didn’t buy my partner a fancy present or take him out for dinner. I sent him a personal video message from Mick Foley, the legendary pro wrestler. He was astonished to see The Hardcore Legend, even though he initially seemed confused when I gave him my iPhone.

Cameo allows you to book celebrities in all-stripes and send them direct messages. This is how Mick got to speak to us. He not only wished my boyfriend a Merry Holiday in all three of his famous characters but also gave me credit for being an outstanding girlfriend. So, it was a great gift for me. This Cameo review will show you how to send a fun video message gift for your loved one.

Cameo is probably not something you have heard of before, but if this is your first time, it might be the reason you are hesitant about trying it. The wide range of prices available made me interested. Prices can be set by celebrities on Cameo and range from $20 to $50 to several hundred dollars. I was certain that the booking process would be complicated and there would be a long waiting period before the final video call. How wrong I was.

Once you create an account on Cameo.com, the request form is simple to follow: You will be asked to provide your name and that of your recipient. Also, some details will make your message as personal as possible. It’s possible to wish the recipient a happy Birthday, congrats on graduation, or give them a pep talk if needed. If roast is your preferred language, you can request a roast. I gave as much detail as possible and received my final video in a matter days despite all the holiday gift-giving chaos. Procrastinators take note, this makes for a great last-minute gift.

You should be able find your giftee’s favorite celebrities on Cameo, regardless of whether they are a TikTok influencer, NFL players or reality TV stars. Cameo calls are a more interactive option than standard Cameo videos. You can talk one-on-one to your favorite celebrity in a Cameo call. You can send a gift certificate, starting at $25, if you’re not sure which person to choose.

Cameo is the answer to those who are constantly told they don’t want any gift. Although technically it is not a gift, Cameo is a meaningful gift that they can save and play as often as they like. Although I won’t be disclosing how many times Mick Foley’s video was rewatched, I will say that Lindsay Lohan could make a Cameo.

Cameo has a wide range of talent, including Lance Bass and Snoop Dogg. Below, check out the celebrity videos available and enjoy knowing that you gave your family and friends a very personal gift.