With a free concert in Hamburg’s Schanzenviertel, the musician Danger Dan once again took a stand against racism and anti-Semitism. At an open-air concert lasting a good one and a half hours in front of the left-wing autonomous center Rote Flora, the 40-year-old played many songs from his album “That’s all covered by artistic freedom” on Sunday evening. “It was the most beautiful ending to the tour that anyone could ask for. I’m blown away,” said Danger Dan.

He was accompanied on some songs by the string musicians of the Jonathan Heck Quartet. Bengalos were briefly lit on the roof of the Rote Flora, and after the last song “Tesafilm” there was also a short firework display. “It’s good that there is such a place,” said Danger Dan of Rote Flora, which has been occupied by left-wing autonomists for decades.

Hours before the performance, thousands of people had flocked to the free performance in the street. Danger Dan is a member of the German rap band Antilopen Gang and has been using his popularity to mobilize against right-wing extremism for years.

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