He can be seen everywhere on the posters: Till Lindemann, singer of the internationally acclaimed band Rammstein. He is the decoy for “The Greatest Comedian Freakshow”, with which the circus team from Flic Flac celebrated its premiere on Friday evening in Berlin. However, Lindemann himself is not there, only a short video sequence with him can be seen at the beginning – accompanied by four columns of fire √† la Rammstein. However, the 60-year-old, who is said to be the “creative mind behind the project”, watched the hour-and-a-half program himself.

The revolving stage in the center of the tent resembles a circus arena. If you want to watch the freak show from an unusual perspective, you can book a double bed in the round. Or a whirlpool for four people. A bottle of sparkling wine in the bubbling water is then included for 340 euros.

There is a laser show, lots of music, often fast, often loud. This heats up the spectators in the not fully occupied arena. A conf√©rencier should also achieve similar effects. What he calls jokes is largely at the expense of minorities of all kinds. Racism, sexism, ableism, Islamophobia, body shaming, it’s all there. The applause wavers.

The artistic numbers have a much higher level. Whether on the rope, on the trapeze or body acrobatics. Juggling, sometimes fascinating. Some of the artists have physical disabilities. There is often a lot of bare skin to be seen, which alone does not make freaks. However, when two artists form figures out of their penises like a clown forming balloons at a children’s birthday party – then that can probably be described as a freaky, idiosyncratic, strange presentation.

“The Greatest Comedian Freakshow” is scheduled to run in Berlin until April 19. According to the organizers, they have a tour in mind, but have not yet planned it.