Math to touch – this has been possible for around 20 years in the hands-on science museum “Mathematikum” in Giessen. The fact that the facility is known far beyond the region and is also internationally renowned is “really unbelievable,” said museum director and mathematics professor Albrecht Beutelspacher of the German Press Agency. The “Mathematikum” shows that “a science that nobody thought capable of can be popularized”. The house was opened on November 19, 2002 as the first of its kind. In the meantime, more than 170 exhibits invite many young and old visitors to playfully immerse themselves in the world of mathematics, try them out and solve puzzles.

“We want to lead our visitors to the mathematical problems as quickly and as undisturbed as possible,” said Beutelspacher, explaining the concept. “And that works particularly well with interactive experiments.” In the anniversary year, the hands-on museum wants to offer various events and new special exhibitions.

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