A firefighter collapsed while extinguishing a roof structure fire in Munich. The Munich fire department said the 37-year-old worked in the basket of the turntable ladder for a long time on Monday in high temperatures. After the collapse, he was taken to a clinic. According to information, he is doing well again. The damage caused by the fire is estimated at several million euros.

The fire broke out on Monday afternoon in a residential and commercial building in the Neuhausen district that is currently being renovated. It was said that the emergency services noticed the high column of smoke from afar. Both the residents of the five-story corner house and the construction workers on the scaffolding were able to get to safety in time.

The fire was under control after around three hours. Over 150 firefighters were on site. The fire department said the operation lasted until the evening. Some of the apartments are no longer habitable. The police are now investigating the cause of the fire.

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