The police went out in large numbers to a carnival party in Menden in Sauerland on Saturday evening because too many people crowded into the marquee at the same time. Police spokesman Marcel Dilling said the people waiting pushed the guests in front of them further and further. Three people had to be treated for circulatory problems. There were no other injuries.

A woman was also sexually assaulted in the queue in front of the tent. The suspect received a eviction. The victim testified that a man had kissed her and that a stranger had grabbed her under the skirt. The alleged attack happened when about 1,000 people were standing in front of the tent waiting to be admitted. The tent was already fully booked at the time with around 1,000 guests, said the police spokesman.

The police have requested reinforcements from neighboring towns and asked the waiting people to leave. “We are on site with strong forces and have everything here that is available,” said the police spokesman. “Thank God we were on site very quickly and were able to quickly de-escalate and stabilize the situation.” Many visitors in front of the tent have now left. The party in the tent was not over.