British artist Sam Cox’s property in Kent in southern England has 13 rooms – and he has scribbled down to the smallest detail in each of these rooms. Bedding, toilet seats, cooking utensils, doors and even the exterior of the house – no surface was spared from his drawings. “I’ve always wanted to live in a completely doodled house,” Cox, aka “Mr. Doodle,” told the Washington Post on Tuesday.

“It’s a living work of art,” said the 28-year-old. Last week, the Brit published a video on social media, which has since been viewed millions of times. It shows a time-lapse video in which he draws his entire house by hand bit by bit – over a period of two years.

For the 28-year-old, the most natural way to create art and the most instinctive process is to pick up a pen and start drawing. Even as a child, he filled hundreds of paper packets with drawings. He then asked his parents if he could start drawing on the furniture and walls of his bedroom, to which Cox said after “a little persuasion” they agreed.

The pandemic-related lockdown in the UK played a crucial role in his latest project. “We were forced to be indoors and my main project was so easily accessible because that’s where we live,” says the artist. First he drew on the walls and furniture in the bedrooms, eventually working his way down from the upper floor to the lower floor. Finally, he sprayed the exterior of his property and his car, a Tesla.

If Cox made a mistake while drawing, he didn’t fix it. “The nature of a doodle is to let it be,” he says. In total, the doodle project used 900 liters of white paint, 401 cans of black spray paint and 286 bottles of black drawing paint, as well as 2296 replaceable pen tips.

Sources: Washington Post, Mr Doodle’s Instagram