An American has been arrested for walking a calf in the middle of Red Square in Moscow. She explained to the police officers that she had bought the animal on an online classifieds platform and wanted to show him the center of the Russian capital, the state news agency Tass reported. The 34-year-old was arrested on Tuesday and had to spend the night in a police station.

It was later revealed that she was found guilty of violating the right to assembly and resisting police officers. A Moscow court imposed a fine of 20,000 rubles (around 260 euros) and 13 days of arrest.

According to the Ria Nowosti agency, the calf has now been taken to a special animal rehabilitation center. It was initially unclear why the woman was in Russia.

According to media reports, it is said to have caused a stir in other countries in the past. According to this, pigs that she did not keep in apartments appropriate to their species have already been taken away twice – in London and in Warsaw. She argued she saved the animals from slaughter.