The home mortgage firm is chaining its 13th consecutive month of upward trend, with a very positive March for the sector that is confirmed by its year-on-year growth of 18% and a total of 43,378 operations carried out according to the latest data from the National Institute of Statistics ( INE).

“We can see an even greater year-on-year increase than that registered in February, where figures were higher than 14% compared to the previous year,” said Ferran Font, Director of Studies for the portal ‘’.

Most of the mortgages were constituted for another month at a fixed rate, specifically, 72.7%, while 27.3% were at a variable rate. The average interest rate at the beginning was 2.15% for home mortgages at a variable rate and 2.68% for those at a fixed rate.

The average rate was 2.53% and the average term of the mortgage was 25 years.

For their part, there were changes in the conditions in 16,991 mortgages, 39.9% less than in March 2021, and in 24.4% of the cases they were changes in interest rates.

«With the recent variations of the Euribor, slight changes can be seen in the conditions of the mortgage loans granted in March 2022. In this case, we can affirm that the average interest on fixed-rate mortgage loans decreased by 0.7 points, while that in the case of variable rates the reduction was 0.2 points“, Font has indicated.

Thus, after the change, the percentage of fixed interest mortgages increased from 22.9% to 48.4%, while that of variable interest mortgages decreased from 75.8% to 48.9%. The Euribor is the rate to which the highest percentage of variable-rate mortgages refer, both before the change (65.8%) and after (42.4%).