Anyone who needs a coffee when they wake up in the morning usually feels more exhausted than glowy. The “Glow Coffee” trend is intended to achieve exactly that and be much more than just coffee mixed with collagen powder. We explain what the trend is all about and what you should know about it.

Anyone who has ever dealt with the topic of collagen powder will know that it can have positive effects on the body. There are studies that show an improvement in wrinkle depth and skin elasticity by taking collagen (hydrolyzate). However, the fact that these effects can be seen with the naked eye can be questioned. If you want to find out more about it, you can read everything you need to know about collagen powder in our article. One of the easiest ways to supply additional collagen to the body is through collagen powder, which is mixed into your morning coffee, for example. This type is particularly popular with many users. Neither caffeine nor (vegetable) milk contained in it prevent the absorption of collagen peptides. Like other proteins that we consume in the form of food, they are broken down into their components in the digestive tract. Our body absorbs these amino acids, di- and tripeptides. However, it has not been scientifically proven whether the body uses it to produce complex collagen again and place it in the right place. It is not harmful to take.

One of the best-rated and best-selling collagen powders is the Glow25 variant because it is particularly soluble and completely tasteless. You won’t notice it in coffee. The brand has therefore established and protected the term “Glow Coffee”. Lavinia Steinfels from Glow25 explained the trend and the idea behind it in more detail to stern.

“The special thing about Glow Coffee is that it’s not just a coffee with collagen powder. In fact, of course, it is: you can prepare any coffee you like and stir in collagen powder. But with Glow Coffee we want to make it clear that it’s this little mini routine in everyday life that can make a difference.” The “collagen coffee” is intended to be a moment of self-care for busy women and men who usually (have to) think about numerous things when they get up: job, children, household, maintaining relationships and, and, and. “Of course it’s great to just treat yourself to ‘me time’ every now and then, book a massage and unwind in a sauna temple. But the reality is different. Because many people can afford these larger, “We often simply don’t take more active breaks. Or take them too infrequently for them to really have a more lasting effect,” says Steinfels.

It is a holistic concept in which morning coffee becomes a daily ritual. “The collagen will have an effect, sooner or later. But just the moment of consciously deciding to do something for yourself and try something new will already change something. Women in particular will be able to take on the role of active designer of their own Everyday life, instead of reactively completing all tasks and moving from to-do to to-do,” believes Steinfels.

And continues: “The other side of Glow Coffee and why we trademarked it: Collagen works when it is taken regularly. If you only take it every now and then, you are not helping the body to replenish its collagen stores. We “We have therefore developed a collagen powder that, thanks to triple filtration, is so tasteless that you can’t really taste it in any drink. In order to make it as versatile as possible and to be able to easily integrate it into everyday life.” Lavinia Steinfels summarizes that Glow Coffee is a combination of mindset, beauty, new routines and well-aging.

If you want to test the coffee with collagen yourself, you can also use other collagen powder. However, this should be tasteless and easily soluble in order to be able to enjoy the coffee.

Source used: “JDD”

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