Breaking the taboos of distance education is not easy, but the UOC has managed to mark a before and after in the concept of ‘online university’ thanks to its quality e-learning methodology, focused on training people of any age and anywhere in the world.

With 26 active degrees, 8 doctoral programs and 53 university master’s degrees, among other studies, the UOC has managed to obtain the official accreditation of all its degrees, a milestone certified by the Council of Universities of the Government of Spain and that guarantees the effectiveness of a online method with which more than 95,000 students have already graduated.

The UOC’s methodology was a turning point for those people who, until now, wanted to study but could not do so due to lack of time.

However, the university was clear from day one that the concept of flexibility could not detract from the quality of its studies.

Born as a 100% digital university, the UOC has worked since its inception so that its name is linked to the concept of excellence. In this sense, studies such as the ‘Young University Rankings’, of the British magazine ‘Times Higher Education’ endorse this effort by placing it as the fourth best young university in Spain.

Research is another of the important fields at the UOC, an opportunity not only to improve and contribute knowledge, but also to further enrich its methodology. It currently has more than 500 researchers divided into 51 groups from different fields with a very positive assessment, since it is the leading online university in research, according to the CYD Ranking for the year 2021.

The accelerated digitization process that many companies have experienced since the start of the pandemic has caused important changes in the world of work, which is more demanding in terms of academic training and digital skills, something that the UOC has been working on for more than 25 years.

In this context, there are many people who are aware of the need for training to adapt to new job challenges and who will take that step in the coming months, in most cases online because, now more than ever, flexibility and academic quality can be found in the same center.