“MommaHona15” is the name of a woman on Tiktok who just showed in a clip that she was permanently pregnant from 1993 to 2019 – except for 2003. During this time she gave birth to 15 children, as her Tiktok name indicates, and appears fit and happy.

The clip begins with “MommaHona” getting into a dance position and playing a hilarious song with the lyrics “I’m your mother, you listen to me”. She dances to these sounds with a big laugh, while the birth years of her children appear on the side.

Almost exactly in line with the lyrics and the yearly sequence, there is a short break in 2003 – and then the song and the list continue. Towards the end she dances in rodeo style. The list as well as the song and the video clip end with the fade-in of 2019.

The clip evokes astonished, sometimes enthusiastic, sometimes horrified comments from platform users. The astonishment mainly concerns the fitness of the mother of 15, her good physical condition and the cheerfulness with which she created this funny clip. The user “Zynthia”, for example, summarizes her impression as follows: “She looks better after 15 children than I do after one.” User “AntjeMelling” is also in the same vein: “I have the after-baby figure that she should have. I only have fur children,” and is probably referring to her dogs.

Horror, on the other hand, is evident in the comments about the sheer number of years she has been pregnant – and her children. Almost inevitably, the sarcastic question about “other hobbies” of the woman and her partner comes up several times. However, most people seem to be happy about the clip and, like the user “Evka”, joke about “25 years of maternity leave”, which must have come together during all these years – at least according to their calculations.

Quelle: MommaHona15@Tiktok